If on parent's accounts as financial POA, could I be liable for their debts?


I saw an online siminar that I can’t locate, indicating it’s a bad idea to be on your parent's accounts to make bill paying easier. That I could be liable for my mother’s debts. Is that true?



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To be clear, any creditors can only go after the money held jointly in that account, it doesn't give them carte blanche to go after any of your other assets.
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Yes, if you are joint owners of an account then creditors can consider her debts yours and vice versa, they also consider all the money as eligible for collection not just half (or whatever percentage each party has contributed).
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No, a person with a POA is not liable as such, but you need to avoid signing or contracting in your own name. Contracts should state they are made with your parents' names. You are best to sign 'Babs as Power of Attorney for x&y), or 'Babs for x&y under POA dated dd/mm/yyyy'.
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I’m not an attorney, but I was POA on my mom’s accounts and I was responsible for none of her debts. I’ve read on this site that you should not combine your assets with her’s. I never put anything in or took any money out of my mom’s account for any reasons other than to pay her bills with HER money. I kept all receipts to prove this. I really dont think that POA means financial responsibility for unpaid debts.

However, I will say that when she passed, she had a so-called funeral preplanning contract and we still had a $7,000 cost out of our pocket just to bury her. I will forever believe we (and she) got ripped off.

Most attorney’s will give you your first consult free. Call one or go back to the one who drew up the POA and ask them for details and explanation.
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