What if either my husband or myself had to go nursing home? Would they take our home?


If one still lived In it .I thought only the expenses that build up .they would want to get paid but not necessarily take your home ?

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What your referring to is MERP - medicaid estate recovery program. All states have to have some sort of recoup program for those over 55 who enroll in & get services provided by Medicaid. Recovery happens once they have both died and is done within probate as its a debt against the estate. Just how MERP works is very much interdependent on your state laws, like if MERP can place a lien on the property or if it is a claim against the estate. Some states have outsourced MERP to companies who approach the process more akin to debt collectors.

. NH Medicaid is within MERP recovery but also are other Medicaid programs like community based care programs which are also within MERP.

There are all sorts of exemptions & exclusions to MERP. Applying for those & providing the documentation needed is dependent on the surviving spouse, the heirs & or your probate attorney
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I assume THEY is medicaid. If you and/or your husband have used medicaid funds for care the state will eventually seek to recoup the cost from your estate. They will not kick people out of their homes and sell the home if one partner is still in the home.
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