We have taken care of my husband's parents since 1987. Pop was a 21 year veteran with kidney disease, he past away in 1996, in 2008 we had to move Phyllis in with us because of her failing health and dementia, she lived alone in her mobile home on her own property, we rented the mobile home to pay the mortgage for about 3 years, when the last tenant moved out, and we were getting it ready to re-rent, the mobile home burnt down. She is still living with us, and now has Alzheimer's. It is getting more difficult to take care of her needs, I know the state of NH is allowed to attach her home if we put her in a nursing home, unless we lived with her and cared for her over a year, but what I need to know is, were the mobile home was destroyed, and she was homeless, and now living with us, does that same rule apply? Can the state attach the land? There would be no way she could live there without the mobile home, and we could not afford to replace it, so in that lies the problem... does anyone know the law that may apply to this situation? Any information would be helpful, thank you in advance. Kathy

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What happened to the insurance payout from the fire? Did it go to pay off the mortgage?

Otherwise, yes, her assets should be used to pay for her care. People do not have anything to 'leave' in their estate until their debts are paid.
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If she has to have Medicaid to pay for the nursing home, they may place a lien on the property. They will not seize the land until she passes and you could purchase at fair market value.
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why not sell the land and use the money to pay for her care? Because if she goes into a nursing home and is on Medicaid, yes they will put a lein on the land. Since her husband was a veteran, she may be entitled to VA benefits, have you looked in to that? You may be able to avoid putting her on LTC Medicaid.
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