Or will I be responseable for her care if she goes to a nursing home?

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Some states require in order for a Quit Claim Deed to be valid, that the QCD is registered or recorded at the Courthouse and the title to the property changed to reflect the QCD.

Medicaid will view the property to be an asset of your mom’s unless the title change to your sister was recorded before Spring, 2013.

If this wasn’t done, then Medicaid will do a transfer penalty inquiry as to the property and place a period of time of ineligibility aka a “gifting penalty” for Medicaid even though mom has applied for Medicaid & is now impoverished & is in a facility. Here’s where it gets sticky as the NH fully expects to be paid for mom’s stay........ would sissy - who got the house - pay mom’s NH bill?
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Sher, do you know if the Quit Claim deed was filed at the local Court House? One can check to see by checking out the tax records to see who's name is on the house. If your Mom's name is still listed, then the house still belongs to Mom's according to Medicaid.

With quit claim deeds there are draw backs such as the IRS could require your Mom to pay a "gift tax".

Also, when your sister goes to sell the house if it is in her name, the Capital Gain Tax bases will be what your Mom had paid for the house. If the house was inherited, then the bases will be what the house was worth at the time of a parent's passing.
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I believe every state has a 5-year look-back period starting on the date that an application for Medicaid is made. So, no, if your mom hasn't yet applied for Medicaid, a lien won't be put on the house that your sister now owns. But if your mom has continued to pay property taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. in the past 5 years, then Medicaid will consider those amounts to be gifts that will result in a penalty period during which Medicaid will not pay for your mom's care.
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