If my in-laws move to a senior living facility and I am the one taking care of them now, will Medicaid pay me for the care I am giving them?

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Isn't the point of moving to assisted living so that you will not need to take care of them? I ask this with a bit of tongue in cheek as we all know that those receiving care no matter what the venue require advocacy and often additional care - if only to manage the personal affairs and care.

Medicaid will not pay you and in general will do so only very limited circumstances (see Medicaid waiver programs: Cash and Counseling).

What you may be thinking of is creating a personal service contract with your in-laws. This is a technique sometimes used to help those seeking Medicaid benefits reduce assets while providing funds to a family member to provide personal services.

If properly executed and performed, the personal services contract between a parent and child will permit a lump amount to be transferred to the child without creating a penalty period of ineligibility.
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Are you licensed, and do you work for the facility? It is a strange system, but it does not reimburse relatives for care services.
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