If my dad is 70% disabled and goes into a VA nursing home, what will happen to his military retirement?



If dad goes to nursing home, his income follows him to pay his share of cost. You need to contact the VA in dad’s state because the share of cost may vary depending on how your state supports programs. Many facilities have waiting lists for services due to need and aging population. If you are wondering if Dad’s income can continue to support household other than minor children or spouse? Probably not. Depending on the type of pension, it may be adjusted depending on where he is. And many VA homes that are close to metro centers are the first to fill up. You don’t automatically get a bed. There is an application process.
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Bumping this up.

I'm under the impression that if your dad is in a VA nursing home, his available resources will be used to pay the Nursing Home. Is there a Veteran's Group in your area that may have volunteers who know about VA programs?

Have you called the VA directly for information about your question?
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Yes I did mean va nursing home, and he has no spouse.
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TJ, are you asking "If my 70% disabled vet dad goes into a VA nursing home, what will happen to his VA pension"?

Are you asking this because dad has a spouse at home who is dependent upon that pension?

I'm asking a clarifying question so that you can get better answers, not to pry. I don't know the answer, but hope that someone else does.
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