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Payee means it has been found Mom can't handle her money. Now if all Moms bills are being met and there is money left over, he should use it for her care. Not sure if SS asks for a yearly accting but the government for pensions does. What is his reasoning?
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This is a bit of a wild guess, but are you in a situation where you are your mother's primary caregiver, you need more help with caring for your mother and would like to hire some, and your brother disagrees and is refusing to accept the charge on your mother's behalf?

If it's something like this - so, what is your brother's plan for your mother's care?
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Is he her “representative payee” as related to Social Security?
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Joanarebug69, by saying your brother is a "payee" for your Mom, are you saying that has financial Power of Attorney? Or is he just paying bills for Mom?

Who is the medical Power of Attorney? Or is there not one?

Who is currently taking care of your Mom? What kind of care is your brother refusing?
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