My Mother passed away March 1st. I was her POA. Do I still file taxes for her?


My Mother passed away on March 1st. My Father died 11 years ago. I was my Do I still file taxes for her? Thank you, Diane

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Yes, generally, filing a last tax return for a deceased taxpayer is normal. Whether they owe or not. But as JoAnn pointed out, sometimes it isn't needed if they are only receiving social security as income.
If you want more of an answer, we need more information -
Are you the executor (if mom had a will) or personal representative (if mom didn't have a will)??
Do you normally do your mom's taxes? With a program?
Or are you planning on a service, like h&r block?

I will try to help you out if you can provide more information.
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Dianee, you asked this question prior and it has 2 responses. The answer is yes, she had income the first 3 months of the year. She may pay no taxes but u will need to file. Did she file 2017? I ask because my Mom and MIL only received SS and a small pension. A few years back they were told to no longer file taxes because their income was not enough. SS is not taxed.
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It will depend on the source and the amount of her income, so more info is needed.
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Yes, she had income for 3 months. Did Mom do taxes for 2017? My Mom, because her income was mostly SS, no longer paid taxes.
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