Re: Nursing Home care and Medicare payments.

Her name is on the account its her money. Check with Medicaid.
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Yes thank you. I ran out of characters in that text box.

I wondered if that would reduce her accountability of the whole amount of her savings to only 1/4 because there have been 4 names on the account for over 5 years. Regarding if she went into a nursing home and had this money in her savings account with 4 names on it. Thank you for your reply.

The answer above sends to make sense. I have not been contributing to this amount.
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When you say, "does it protect any of it" do you actually mean: can we pretend that the money in this account isn't mother's so that we can declare her broke and get somebody else to pay for her nursing home and health care?

I don't mean to sound snippy, I'm more amused and thinking to myself "well if you don't ask you don't get..!"

It's actually who the money belongs to that matters, not who is authorised to operate the account. Has anyone apart from her been paying into it?
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Gayle6704 Jan 6, 2019
Yes, you are right. I ran out of characters to write more. But I added below that, "regarding NH care and Medicare payments.

Yes, you got what I mean. I understand your answer. It makes sense. I was just wondering. :)
Thank you.
When she was in the hospital a couple of years ago I was told by someone in billing or some dept that since 4 names are on the account, they only went back 3 yrs, that she would only count for 1/4 of the amount in the account with 4 names in it.
I know I'm not clear on what that was for, because I forget, but she had to have under $7000 and she had under that amt counting her share at 1/4. I think that was for rehab? But she didn't need it.

But your answer makes perfect sense. I get it. :)
What are you trying to protect this money from? I feel that more information would get you a better response.
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