My mother's primary really feels medical marijuana will really help. I was going to make an appointment to get her a marijuana card. I mentioned it to the medical director and was told that because their pharmacy can't dispense it, they won't be able to give it to her! I am really upset.

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There may be state laws. For example, the state of MA does not allow ALF staff give injections, only supervision of the memory impaired individual. Plus an outside hired RN has to be able to work under a physician director which limits dispensing by visiting nurses. Insurance limits the number of visits. It is up to family to come in and do it. Can you do this?
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Also no way to have it billed or paid for, and again for the reasons gladimhere wrote.
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The facility, no doubt receives some federal funding. It is not legal at the federal level yet, so dispensing it would be unlawful in a facility that is federally funded.
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