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This happens with Medicaid has health insurance and in home care. If your income changes for the better, you may lose them too until your under the income limit again.
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I agree. As it's been explained to me, if someone is already in a nursing home and on Medicaid and THEN they come into some money through whatever means, the person is temporarily removed from Medicaid until they spend that money down below the asset limit for Medicaid. In other words, you would self pay for the nursing home until you were back within Medicaid range financially and then you'd go back on Medicaid. I'm sure there's a lot of paperwork and hassle, but that's the summary of it. A $50 birthday gift likely would not make any difference in Medicaid status.
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Bobblank, if you are currently a Medicaid recipient and you win a large lottery then when you do your annual reapplication you will not qualify if it exceeds their limits. Then you will need to pay the NH out of your own pocket. You will only requalify when those funds and any assets you purchased are spent down to their qualifying amount.

If someone gives you a one-time gift of $50 (hopefully in cash) I wouldn't worry about it. That's your money, not the NH's.
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