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Randy, you would need to check with your State Medicaid office as each State tends to handle things differently.

But it is my understanding that the spend down would need to be for yourself only. You cannot pay anything for your brother. Or as bicycler mentioned above, if your brother is your caregiver you can pay him for helping you.

Regarding the insurance on the House, is this your home or your brothers? If it is your home do you plan on keeping the house? Why I ask is once you are on Medicaid you will no longer have the funds to pay for your homeowner's insurance, nor funds to pay for your real estate taxes, utilities, repairs, etc. Someone else from the family would need to make those payments from their own pocket.
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Randy444, if you pay your brother's house and car insurances and then apply for Medicaid within the next five years, Medicaid will look at those insurance payments as gifts that will result in a penalty period equal to their value. But, if your brother is currently your caregiver, you could avoid the Medicaid penalty by paying your brother for the documented care that you need and that he provides via a personal care agreement (PCA). You should check with your state's Medicaid office to make sure that your PCA conforms to Medicaid rules.
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