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You should check the law in your state, as each state is different. The phone number for Medicaid should be on your acceptance letter.

If you are seventy plus (your screen name), then you also have Medicare, right? Usually Medicare is the primary payer (80%) and Medicaid covers the other 20%. You may be expected to pay back all of what Medicaid has paid for you from when you stared earning the money. 

Usually, Medicaid has limits for earning money. The maximum amount should be on an acceptance letter they sent you. However I remember something about being over 70 and being able to earn whatever you could. I believe that was with Social Security however.

This could be tricky because you will have to approximate how much you'll be earning in a new business. I had that happen once as a visiting nurse. I had no idea how many patients I'd see per week but they wanted a concrete figure. I wound up quiting, as it got too confusing keeping track of each patient.

Can you possibly only accept as much work as your maximum earning limit allows?
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Thanks for your response. I will ask my counselor in my area also. Blessings.
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