If I hire a caregiver to come to my home from one of the big national brands, visiting angels, home instead, etc. are they independent contractors or employees of a local franchise? Just curious how this works.

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Same answer as the others. You are hiring the agency , which pays the aides. The aides are not your employees, nor are they independent contractors. Those issues and related tax issues only come into play if you arre hiring independent workers who are not connected to an agency. In a worst-case scenario, for example, if an aide who worked for an agency stole from you, it's the agency which would be responsible legally. A big advantage of working with an agency is that you are not respnsible for withholding tax, workers' comp, and unemployment for the people who work for you from the agency. If you hire independent workers directly, you have these responsibilities. An agency may have a higher hourly rate, but because of the expenditures that you are respnsible for with an aide whom you hire directly, the direct-hire aide may actually be more expensive.
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Yes, I've used one of their franchise locations in south FL for 6 years straight & they are employees of that franchise. I've been extremely happy with their people.
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They are employees of the agency you contract with. Not independent contractors.
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