Yes, need to explain what type.

Is the Nursing Home permanent? If so, how is he paying for it. If Medicaid is paying for his care, then he has health insurance. If not, ask the Nursing home if they know of plans.

If Life insurance, the cost at 60 will be high. Unless its for funeral expenses, the only one who would benefit from a policy would be the beneficiary. There are policies like shown on TV, Colonial Penn, that u pay a small amount a month and it will cover a funeral and other expenses. I am not sure about this, but I think you have to pay on a policy for 2 years before the company will pay out.

If you are thinking Long Term Insurance, as said, u missed the boat on that one. These are usually bought at a younger age.
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Your profile says your father is only 62 and in a facility due to a stroke. Is he in AL or LTC? He will qualify for Medicare at 65 so if he needs health insurance in the interim, then yes you can purchase it for him. After he qualifies for Medicare you will need to pick out a good supplemental coverage for him if he can afford it. The LTC policy deadline has passed, as the age to sign up for that is 59-1/2. Life insurance would be extremely expensive for his age and condition.
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Frebrowser Jul 18, 2020
I am not aware of a 59-1/2 deadline to sign up for LTC insurance. Please cite your source.

Granted, the price rises and the likelihood of qualifying goes down as age increases.

Getting coverage while in a nursing home would be like getting car insurance after a crash. The insurance company won't do it if they can't see a way to make money at it.
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Could you explain what kind of insurance you are wishing to purchase for your father. Would this be Whole Life insurance? I would think any life insurance policies would be prohibitively expensive. I am uncertain what kind of insurance you are interested in for your father. I assume he is on medicare or medicaid? Does he have supplemental health insurance?
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Presumably he already has Medicare? You are looking at a supplemental policy? Call around to different insurers. I am sure they will write a policy for your dad. He may have to wait for open enrollment at the end of the year. Good luck!
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