2nd question - put money into a separate account in my name only 2 years ago. Does this count towards look back period when applying for Medicaid in NY state?

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I agree with Worried. When they look at bank statements it will be questioned why the transfer of monies. Unless you can prove it was ur money, its Moms. Anything with Moms name on it is Moms. She was on my nephews acct and lawyer told me to take it off. It was my nephews money but Medicaid could have considered it Moms.
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The lookback period is 5 years so anything that occurred over 5 years ago will not matter.

what you did with your moms money 2 years ago will be part of the 5 year look back. Are you saying you transferred her money to an account in your name only? Then yes, that will come up in the lookback. Moving money to someone else’s account doesn’t hide it. If mom had $50k in your joint account for example and 2 years ago you transferred it to an account in your name only, Medicaid is going to want to know what happened to that $50k. Basically you can’t transfer money out of her accounts to shield it from Medicaid.
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