If my husband passes before me, I have no family to help me with finances and other needs. Who would be best to do this?


I am now 76 and in poor health and worried about finding honest people to especially manage finances. Money is not an issue but how to manage it is an issue. Who would best do that? How to check for credentials? How much should I expect to pay for this service?

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FF I'm sure there are firms of independent advocates. Actually - there are probably regulations about how hospitals have to handle ethical decisions when there is no next of kin or health care proxy to make decisions. Probably a guardian ad litem or something. I haven't checked, but I do know that vulnerable adults have to be formally represented here and I'd expect your jurisdiction to have a similar system.
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dhisland, I also worry about that as I have no siblings, nor did I ever have any children. I will need to talk to my Elder Law Attorney about that if in the future date there is no spouse/significant other to be my Power of Attorney.

For finances, I do know a CPA who has a small firm. i probably would have the firm take care of the finances, of course at an hourly fee.

I know Attorneys do not want to be medical POA, but what if there isn't anyone? All my close friends have left due to me spending my free time caring for my parents. And my God-daughter is in grade school. My cousins are all older than I, and live way out of State.

Some entrepreneur needs to start a company that helps manage the POA of those of us who have no immediate family left, or who have immediate family but they are unable or unwilling to help.  Of course, for an hourly fee.
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You might start with the Brunswick County senior services group (910) 754-2300 They should be aware of local services for this. Or, if you are a member of a house of worship, the office there may have some suggestions of other members that could provide this.
Occasionally a not for profit group may have volunteers that can assist you. If you have a 'REALLY good friend' that is knowledgeable in this area, they might be willing to help out. I did this for a friend during her journey with ALS. If you have a TRUSTED attorney or banker, they may be able to assist. They are often aware of people and have worked with them that can provide these services. As to the charges, I have no idea and I am sure they would vary geographically.
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