She had that chunk of money before they got married. My dad-in-law had no assets now and he only received $1300 for his SSI a month. Also, in their joint bank account, they have a total savings of $10,000 which is over the limit for Medicaid qualifications, what can we do about that for him to be approved for Medicaid? We need help for my dad-in-laws home care like caregivers at night.

Check with an elder attorney who specializes in Medicaid applications.
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California maybe different and their are members from ur state who may contradict what I say.

I don't think Moms bank account will count. Especially since its before the marriage. She will become the Community spouse and not left impoverished. Their shared bank acct will probably be split and FILs half will need to be spent down. His SS is well under the Medicaid cap. Moms will not be counted.
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worriedinCali Feb 10, 2019
How do you know his wife’s income will not be counted? He is going on Medi-cal which is California’s own program and they count household income. California also has their own spousal impoverishment law. The joint savings account does not have to be split. His wife can keep that money. There is a limit of $123,600 in assets that they can have. Wife can keep everything if under that limit :)

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