My mother has Alzheimer's.

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NeedAnswers, as cmagnum had mentioned above, only your Mom can appoint someone to be her Power of Attorney. Even with Alzheimer she can obtain a POA if she has times during the day where her mind is clear and she could understand a legal document.

Take your parents to an Elder Law Attorney for their Power of Attorney, to update their Wills, to have drawn up a Medical Directive, and any other legal document that would be needed in their State. Set the appointment for when your know your Mom's brain loop is more clearer. Usually an Attorney will recommend two people to be Power of Attorney, a main person and a back-up, or if you and a sibling are always on the same page thought wise, then the two of you could be equal POA's.

And while there, have your own Power of Attorney drawn up, along with a Will, if you don't have one.
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No, it will not. She must write up a POA for one of you to apply to her. Only the person that a POA applies to can be given by that person and not someone else. The POA for your dad will cease when he is deceased.
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