Caregiver was assigned to her shift and then without warning or notification left and abandoned her client!

Was the client endangered by this action? That is to say was the client unable to get help for his or herself if needed, as in severely disabled or demented. Did anything untoward happen to the client?
There would be unlikely to be any action unless there was an incident that happened, but this person should no longer be working in care or for any agency if he or she feels free to leave midshift before someone can arrive to relieve them, unless in the case of an emergency.
It is difficult to answer this question without knowing the condition of the client who was abandoned. Certainly it is reportable to the agency.
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It's certainly unprofessional. Without knowing the care needs of the patient, the diagnosis of the patient, and the laws of the state wherein the patient resides, there's really no way of determining criminality.
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notgoodenough Sep 26, 2020
But worriedincali is correct, the company wouldn't be the one to press charges.
No the company can’t press charges. Only the district attorney can press charges and it’s highly unlikely this would be seen a criminal issue. The company can terminate the persons employment though.
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Legal charges? I don't know, but the agency is ultimately responsible. I am sure they have fired her.

More information on the client would be helpful.
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