If an elderly person is living with their child and earns $22,000/year, do they qualify for Medicaid?

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For a single person in Ohio living alone the maximum income is 15,800 for regular Medicaid. For nursing home or waiver programs for the elderly the amounts are different. If the parent is living with someone, in someone else's home it is difficult because they count total household income. Non nursing home Medicaid in Ohio is for the very poor. However, different states have different rules. States can determine what expenses can be deducted from gross income. Generally, you can deduct any fixed prescription costs, health insurance premiums and average medical expenses.
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It really depends on where you live. I know in the state of Ohio, your income must be below something like 21,000 before they consider you for Medicaid.
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Also please please realize that Medicaid is an AT NEED PROGRAM that has BOTH medical AND financial requirements which will be specific to the Medicaid program being applied to.

Medicaid eligibility for someone seeking to move into a NH aka a skilled nursing care facility will be different than for one continuing to live at home seeking a community based program like IHHS or PACE.

Folks seem to get all focused on $$$$ but they have to be evaluated and determined by the state to be “at need” medically as well for Medicaid to be approved. Financials the family / DPOA can do & deal with. But medical documentation is not up to the applicant..... they are going to need to have a fat medical chart that clearly shows “need” for the level of care sought. Being iffy on and needing help with ADLs, medication management, companionship won’t be enough to show need for skilled nursing care. If recent posts from families in CA are a trend, then entry into a NH LTC can only happen if the applicant goes into a NH under a MediCARE paid post hospitalization rehab benefit and then evaluated as to “need” to remain in NH as LTC resident and then applies for Medicaid for LTC coverage. 
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Community Medicaid or Nursing home Medicaid? Do you live in a state that allows Miller Trusts?
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BettyBoop, I came across this link payingforseniorcare.com/longtermcare/resources/medicaid.html

I would think being your Mom has an income of $22k probably from social security and some type of pension [either her's or a late husband's], that Mom could be over the income limit.
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Your profile doesn't say where you live, so the answer is "it depends". If it's an elderly person over 65, do they qualify for Medicare? Is the $22,000 social security income or do they still work? Do they have over $2000 in assets in the bank? More information will get you better answers.
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