Also, after a loved one dies do you have to call all creditors right away?

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Helpme1234, if the owner of that Will is still around and still of sound mind, it would be best to have the Will updated. State laws do have a habit of changing over the years.

If there are no liquid assets to pay for debts, then the creditors would need to be notified. Don't be surprised if they try to get you to pay the debt. DON'T. You didn't create the debt [unless you had co-signed].
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Yes a Will is still legal after 10 years. Who calls the creditors is the Executors job. The Will cannot be probated until, in NJ, for 11 days after death. There is paperwork you will need, like the Death Certificate, an idea how much the estate is worth. Probate can tell u what to bring. Here in NJ under 20k you don't need to probate.

If there are any assets all debts will have to be paid out of those assets. Beneficiaries get nothing until debts are satisfied.

If no money but debts, then there is a process that will need to be followed. This you will need to work out with the creditors. They probably will require a death certificate and some proof that there is no money.
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