This is something you need to talk to a VA rep about. If both are already getting it, then the other spouse's may need to be recalculated. Its all based on care needs. If Vet is the only one receiving it, then I would say no, spouse doesn't automatically get half. If spouse has care needs, then she would have to apply in her own right.

Aids and Attendance gets dropped for the one receiving it when Medicaid gets involved. You can't receive both and Medicaid pays more for care. From what I understand, the person will receive $90 a month from A&A for their Personal Needs Acct set up at the NH.

If one spouse is entering a NH with Medicaid paying, the Spouse remaining home is considered the Community Spouse. That person can remain in the home with one car. They are also entitled to enough of the monthly income to live on. So make sure Medicaid is aware there is a Community Spouse.
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