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Good luck trying to report her.

Ibuprofen is only a prescription drug if it's 800 mg. At 200 mg. and 400 mg. it is over the counter and needs no prescription. I don't think you could prove that she was "purpously" committing a malicious act. She probably didn't think about the milligram strength.

Speak kindly to her and ask her not to give your mom her personal medications anymore due to interactions with the medications Mom takes.

I had this happen with my mom with her senior apartment neighbors. They all had beginning dementia and the neighbors wouldn't listen. I finally had to say that if she took too many pills or combined them with other drugs, causing a fatal reaction, the neighbors could be charged with murder and I would press charges. Near that time I moved her to a Memory Care facility for her own safety.
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How old is the neighbor? How old is MIL? Neighbor was wrong doing this but ibuprofin is not a controlled drug so I wouldn't report them. They may not have realized that this was a no no. This is 4x the OTC mg of 200. Could effect the liver and kidneys if over used. Not to take if using BP meds. I only took enough to get me past the pain.

I would have have a talk with them and tell them how dangerous it is to give someone your prescription meds.
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Ibuprofen are 200 mg per pill. The maximum dose is 800 mg (4pills) every 6 hours or 16 pills per day. This doseage should only be under a doctor’s advice and care. If this neighbor is taking care of MIL. She needs to be instructed as to what MIL’s doctor has recommended, not just what she thinks MIL needs.

if these 800mg ibuprofen the dosing would be 1 pill every 6 hours. Does MIL have a prescription for the 800 mg pills? Or were the neighbor’s prescription. If they belonged to the neighbor, the prescribing doctor should be notified and the pharmacy that filled the prescription. I don’t think it would do much good to report to the police unless it was over the daily prescribed dose.
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Who is caring for your MIL?
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