My friend was recently moved to a smaller room with a shared bathroom across the hall to accommodate a man who took her room. This is a small place and the owner said the man was required by law to have a private bathroom. When she moved there, she was the only resident and the owner told her she could have whatever room she wanted. She settled in and was doing well. There are only 3 or 4 rooms available but the one she was in had a private bath. None of the others do. The only other resident there is bedridden so needs no access to a bathroom. I think the owner got more money for the private room with bath but I think it's unfair to my friend.

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Is this a board and care home?

If someone has certain contagious diseases, then yes, there are laws that govern if they need a private bathroom.

My dad was in a top facility and he had a shared bathroom, it's not really that uncommon in facilities. Then he moved to a board and care and the house only had 2 bathrooms. What a nightmare that was but, everyone worked around it and those that couldn't hold it, had bedside commodes.
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I thought I answered this.

Your friend is paying rent for the room. If her rent includes a private bath and she no longer has one, then the price of her room should come down. Another thing is her lease. Does it run from year to year? If so he may have prematurely moved her out. He changed the rules so he cannot keep her to the lease. Has she changed over to Medicaid recently. That could be why the room change.

IMO, an AL is a residence with a lease in place. As long as you are paying for that room, you cannot be asked to change rooms. Just like an apartment. I personally think that he was able to do this because there's no family close by.

I would assume daughter pays Moms bills. She needs to make sure Mom is not being charged the same price as of the day she was moved.
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I don't know what the pricing structure is. I doubt she will get a reduction in fees. Since I am not family, I am not privy to the contract she signed. Her daughter lives in Calif. and says she is upset about this, but doesn't seemed inclined to complain. My friend is a gracious woman that has dealt with much heartache in her life and I feel she deserves better treatment and more respect than she is getting. She is the type to just adjust to whatever life throws her way and make the best of it. I know she is paying approx. $3800 a month . Her memory is failing and her mobility is not great, but she doesn't require a lot of care. I am just so angry about this and my hands are tied. I think I mainly need to vent. I suggested to her daughter to move her to a different facility, but she is concerned that her mother might not want to move.
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Sounds fishy. Doesn't make sense. What sort of reduction in fees are involved with the loss of a bathroom?
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