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If FM is in an Assisted Living, Medicaid usually doesn't pay unless like my State. In NJ if a person has paid privately for at least 2 yrs, Medicaid may pay for them to stay in the facility. It depends if the facility excepts Medicaid and if they have made their quota of Medicaid recipients they allow. You need to check with AL if they except Medicaid.

Medicaid does pay for longterm care. It is easier to get in a LTC facility if they can pay privately for a few months then applying for Medicaid. In my state you have 90 days from date of application to get the info needed to Medicaid and find a place. If this is not done, you have to start over. With my Mom, I applied in April, my Mom was placed May 1st paying privately for May and June. June I confirmed the caseworker had all the info needed and Medicaid started paying July 1st. Be aware that SS and any pension will be used to offset care. That each State has a spend down. In NJ u are allowed no more than 2k in the bank. All assets need to be used for care. If under 65, a Special Needs Account may be able to be set up to protect assets. With my nephew its his Moms life insurance, but upon his death the Trust reverts back to Medicaid. In the meantime, there are restrictions on how it can be spent.

Best bet is to speak to Medicaid. Each state has their own criteria.
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FloridaDD Jul 17, 2020
Even in states that do pay, there may be wait lists.  So there may be help now, but not next year.
Speak to someone at the facility to see if the family member has enough ADLs to qualify. Gather 5 years of bank account statements. If you can get the family member to agree to go to the bank, you can get them printed out or you can get online access to download. When you are about 6 months away from depleting funds then you can apply. It is best to get the family member into a Medicaid qualified nursing home before the 6 months. You may not find any ALs will accept Medicad. The earlier entering into s nursing home the easier the transition will be.
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In many states Medicare does not cover AL, only LTC, MC, hospice. You don't mention which state the person resides in but you can find out by going online to their county's Dept of Health and Human Services and search Medicaid.

You should also be aware that in applying for Medicaid there is a "look-back" period from 2.5 to 5 years, depending on their state of residence. It is vital that there has been no appearance of the "gifting" of money or assets to other people by the applicant. This can disqualify or delay their qualification. Please get informed at the website or by calling. There is much to know!
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sth56thornton Jul 17, 2020
thank you
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