Or in a facility and he's done this for years .....but they have said if she don't stop like now I'm having trouble getting a Dr. to take her as a patient ...but she time consumes. Til I can't get time to do it ....she uses my guilt ....I feel awful all the time but now that I quit working 3 years ago when she needed full time help house lacks about 10 payments is there a way. I'm her durable power of attorney n always kept track of every receipt n I didn't even realize til recently my whole life is wrapped up w my mom. Cus I never have fun anymore I love my mother but idk what to do. Like if I will be able to keep my home. N things n I feel awful asking.

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Don't feel bad asking for help! This is a good place to be. People care and will offer you good suggestions. (((Hugs!)))
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IFeelingsad, one thing, a nursing home will not take a person if the nursing home feels that person does not need around the clock care.

As for legal documents, may I ask if your Mom has any memory issues? If no, then she would need to assign someone to be her Power of Attorney for both health issues and for finances. Then Mom would need to have a Will prepared. Also, I would recommend a Medical Directive which would help you know what your Mom's wishes are when it comes to serious medical issues.

If your Mom does have serious memory issues, then you would need to apply for guardianship, so you can have full control.

Are you saying that you are behind in your house payments by 10 months? Is Mom living with you, or you with her, or you both are under your own roof?

I realize what you are going through is difficult. You need to work to keep up your house payments, yet you need time to help take care of your mother. Is there anyway that your Mom can pay you for your caregiving from her own savings? If not, call your State Medicaid office to see if Mom could be accepted into Medicaid, and what program are available for her.
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