Hello everyone! I'm hunting for activity ideas.

My grandma is 85, she used to be a very active and sociable person, but her health is steadily declining: she's almost deaf now, has arthritis and one of her legs no longer works, but she refuses to use crutches or a wheelchair because she thinks it's humiliating. She can no longer go dancing (her favorite activity!) and she rarely hangs out with her friends anymore, and it really looks like her mind is fading away too. I'm trying to find ways to keep her entertained during the day, because right now she just sits on the couch doing nothing.

I tried playing domino with her today, the simplest game I could think of, but she had trouble understanding the rules. To be fair, she never liked playing cards or games when she was younger too. She can't watch TV or listen to music because of her hearing. She likes cooking (but there's too much standing involved) and sewing (but I don't want to tire her eyes or hands too much). I'm grasping at straws here. Any ideas?

Thank you for reading!


Cross stitch patterns might not tire the eyes, you can use a copier to magnify the pattern, Try closed captioning on the TV, if Grandma can read the captions quickly enough to follow along she might still enjoy some TV. PT has my mother lifting her legs while seated (in place march, kicks, side to side stepping, etc) and arms (press forward, bending elbows to touch shoulder, reaching to the side, etc) and we do them to dance music. The in place march in a very good exercise because it builds the thigh muscles needed for standing from a seated position. A hearing amplifier (box with headphones) might help Grandma with the TV, music and hearing her friends too.
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