Have you checked out They act like a job posting board, sort of but offer services for vetting and doing background checks that sort of thing. Check it out and see if that might be helpful.
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Try Craigslist, I see ads there regularly from families looking for a home caregiver for an elderly parent. Some of them pay you privately, and some of them receive homecare through Medicaid & are able to hire a caregiver who is then paid by Medicaid/state programs.
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For all the home care agencies with which I've had experience, CNA certification is not necessary and doesn't even result in better pay. In a hospital, you generally do need certification--but you want an in-home care position, anyway.
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How wonderful for you that you want to help someone! Honestly, though, for your sake and the sake of your charge, I recommend you go through an agency, be it Aging Services or a private company. You could also be a volunteer through a nursing home, hospital, or hospice.

Regardless of your good heart and intentions, you may set yourself up for issues with family members ("Who is this person? Why is she hanging around Granny?"). Your charge or family members may view you with suspicion if you're not known to the family.

Plus, you also have to protect yourself. Helping out with an elder or other person needing help without the background check of any agency, you set yourself up to be blamed for all manner of things: theft or physical or mental abuse.

So, do you want to help someone who needs help and you don't need to be paid, or would you like to be paid? If you want to volunteer, check with any agency, be it government or private. If you want to be paid, perhaps you could consider getting your nurse assistant license and get with an agency who handles in-home care. You can care for one person.

Best wishes to you and your selfless self!
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