I am always rejected because me and my grandma live in Manila Philippines. We are not from US. I am a solo family caregiver for my grandma, no help from family and friends. No caregiving organizations and no caregiving programs in the Philippines. I am unemployed. We can't hire a caregiver nor helper. We only get by due to small benefit of my grandma. I only wish to God for two things, be part of caregiving organization for online counseling emotional support and have a part-time job online. Sadly, US based caregiving orgs always reject me and my grandma because we don't reside in US. Caregiving has no race, boundaries, and not limited to nationalities. May anyone please help us. I am Charisse, 37 age. No help from family and friends and no help from community and Philippine government. My grandma is Mommy Ruby age 91. Please anyone accept us to be part of any caregiving orgs for emotional counseling online and emotional support. Please have a heart and mercy. I am suffering from caregiver burnout and fatigue and social isolation and exhaustion as I type this plea message. Thank you and God bless...

First of all welcome to you and grandma. You will find a lot of support here and do not hesitate reaching out for support and questions. I have learned volumes of information about elder care. Everyone has been kind and offered a lot of help. Can you find some limited assistance through your church? Anything they could offer would be a huge help. Even if you are not in a church reach out to the catholic church near you. God bless for loving your grandma.
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Please take your personal information off. Anyone can see it and this site gets trolled.

You are welcome here, just protect yourself by removing the personal contact.

Admin can you delete the personal information!
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This forum is for caregivers all over the world. I know we have folks on here from not only the U.S., but Canada, England, Italy and now the Philippines. So welcome. I am sorry that you are suffering caregiver burnout. I think most caregivers do at some point in their caregiving journey, and that's why this forum can be such a Godsend. It allows us caregivers to vent, share our problems and concerns, and also share advice about things we have learned along the way(usually the hard way). So feel free to post any questions or concerns you might have and folks who can relate to what you're going through will respond.

I will tell you though, the most important thing you can do right now, is do something nice, just for you. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive. It can just be going for a walk around your neighborhood, sit outside and read a good book, while grandma is resting, or invite a friend over for a simple meal. It's so important that you take care of you too, and not just your grandma. It's when we forget to make ourselves a priority, that burnout sets in. I wish you and your grandma the very best, and again, welcome to the Aging Care forum. May God bless you and keep you.
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would you like to e-mail just to vent and talk?
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Welcome, Charissebeth!
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Well you won’t be rejected here. Welcome!

What’s on your mind? Ask questions if you like. Vent or simply observe.
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