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What setting would this plan be used in, please? For example:

Residential care
Client's own home
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I found this website called "love upside down" where you can purchase 25 different Caregiver Planner documents which you then download to your computer after purchasing.

Click on “Esty Store” and then click on “Caregiver Planner / Printable / Care Giver / PDF / GoodNotes / Calendar / Self Care”.

This is an informal type of Caregiver Planner.

Are you looking for something more professional similar to what nurses use in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?

I "Google" searched "dementia personal care charting" and found this website:
This webpage is about "How to Create a Daily Checklist and Care Plan for Dementia".

You can also go to the Alzheimers Association website for information.
Hope that this gets you started.
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I found this one on the internet. I searched for a "personal hygiene record"

Hope this helps. We really are not professionals here. We are Caregivers sharing our experiences with each other. Because of this, we are not privy to professional record forms. Do you have any hospitals near you that could help you if the one I have posted is not what ur looking for? You maybe able to use this one as an example and make one of your own using only the info u need. Should be able to set it up in Word using a Table or Excel spreadsheet.
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Hi there! Thank you for your advice, but an fortunately there is no facility as such in Kenya where I can get help and support. And thats why I joined this Aging Care Forum.
Thank you for your time
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Call Council on Aging in your area.
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