I was named as the one who must state the person is no longer capable so the POA takes effect. I agreed 7 yrs ago. How do I get out of this position?

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It's called a trigger....that the person who is named the POA cannot step in until I say so. It is a very bad spot to be in...I did not think that through at the time. Now I do not want to have the responsibility....can see trouble ahead! Is there a form I can give to the future POA that I will not decide? The "grantor" the person who created the POA no longer remembers she has this and got angry when told about it....then seemed to forget again...getting worse by the day.

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The "trigger" would have to be a doctor - sometimes two of them - who would certify that a person no longer has mental competence, I think you must be misunderstanding what has been asked of you.

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