Plz help sincerely Evelyn

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I'm very sorry to read this. It's terrible to have to deal with urgent practical problems just at the moment when you've lost your mother.

As you're online, you should be able to find useful contact numbers quite easily. What you need is advice on where to get immediate short-term help to tide you over until you can find a job and start collecting a pay check.

Try searching for "social security" and "department of employment" for your county or state. Look carefully at any site before you trust it. Official government sites usually end in .gov; but if you're not sure who you're dealing with then DON'T give out any personal information.

Good luck - if you get stuck, come back and maybe forum members will be able to suggest organisations you could get in touch with.

Just a thought - have you tried asking the social security office that dealt with your mother's hospice care payments? They may be able to refer you to other support services.
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worriedinCali Feb 22, 2020
Social security doesn’t pay for hospice care CM. They didn’t pay the OP. Her mother paid her privately using her SSI check. There’s no reason for her to contact social security, they don’t help with this situation. She needs to contact the department of social services/health and human services, and the local job bank.
I am sorry for your loss. May God bless you with grieving mercies and peace during this difficult time.

Now is the time to look for employment. Unfortunately yours in a common story, give up employment to care for a parent, parent passes and now what?

How long was your mom on hospice? Did you quit a job to do this?
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Evelyn, can you give more details so that you will get better and more specific advice?

Did your mom own her home, and do you live there now? Do you have any siblings? Do you have any savings?

If you are completely broke then you need to get some emergency assistance via welfare. It won't be much but it will sustain you temporarily. Getting a job will need to be your next priority.

I'm sorry about the loss of your mother. I hope her passing was peaceful.
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Mstrbill is right. If you are fairly young and able to work, you need to get a job. If you liked what you did for your mother, you can get work at a facility as a CNA or an STNA. Many of those people go on to get a nursing degree. A few facilities will pay for your training while you’re working there so you can get a certificate.
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First and foremost, my sincere condolences with the loss of your mom. There is not a lot of info provided. How old are you, do you have cetera. hindsight 20-20 is always greater than what is in front of us. There is no need to remind you of the would ofs should ofs that there should have been plans put in place for that day to come. Depending on your age, can you call aging for emergency assistance for your self? Do you have any mental health concerns that create hardship? You could go to your county social services for emergency assistance. Again, I am so sorry for your loss and the hardship that you are now facing since you sacrificed greatly for the one that you felt obligated to do this for.
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Look for employment in a nursing home. Maybe you can study to become a CNA. Your experience helping your Mom will help you working with the elderly.
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