And she made out her last will and testament and I didn’t marry and lived with her in the house she owned that my grandfather built in the 50 and I wasn’t told anything about what she had done until 9 years later of paying off this mortgage and a car hit the house and I found out that she had bequeathed and devised the estate to me and left my brother the executor of the estate. And I didn’t know what the executor was supposed to do but I found out and not only was he the executor he had signed the promissory note and the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac uniform instrument and the Ryder. and the creditors didn’t know this I find that hard to believe. after the car hit the house and I was waiting for my disability at the time of the car crash and my brother never cancel her homeowners insurance and I had to pay for a lien and I noticed that the 2000 dollar check went to attorney fees and transfer of a deed and other things. can a deed be transferred if debts and taxes are not payed. Because that is what happened and I lost the house to a referee auction and it has ruined my credit and then there was a fire in the upstairs apartment were I leased the apartment that I once owned and I was unable to get renters insurance because of my credit and the bankruptcy from my mothers mortgage. and I didn’t get anything for my loss and they sold the house and threw a lot of my property in the garbage and I had and couldn’t find a place to live until 10 months after the fire so I had no place to store my property and no money to store it and my mental state has gotten worse because I know that is not what my mother last wishes were for the person who cared for her and love her very much and now I can’t find a doctor to treat me after mine retired and I’m not getting the medication that I should be taking for all of my phobias and my PTSD. is there any thing I can do to get the loss that was my financial welfare because I can’t live on the disability money I get every month and I can’t save for my retirement. If I make it that far.

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It was thoughtful that your mother wanted to leave you something in order to acknowledge the care you gave but unfortunately it was all just a though - in reality she had nothing to leave. Don't think too badly of your brother, it is the executors responsibility to pay off all the debts your mother's estate owed and only then distribute whatever remains, it really doesn't matter to the bank that the house was built by your grandfather, they wanted their money.

Your priority now is to find a stable home that you can afford and to get care for your mental health issues, if you are finding that impossible to manage then the ER may indeed be a place to start. Good luck.
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First thing,
present yourself at the county mental health dept. for psychiatric care.

If you cannot wait, go to your nearest ER (emergency dept.).
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