I don’t know this for a fact - but I’ve heard that Goodwill sells adult diapers/pull-ups for a good price. Obviously, colors are not part of the deal - you get what you get. Although, I’m assuming you are specifying color as an identifier. The “pink” you’re referring to is technically peach - woman’s Depends.

When my mom passed we donated a nearly full case of Depends to the local Goodwill. Which, btw - I purchased at Costco. They sell a case of four packages- 80 in all for around $45.00. It’s a good price and they do put them on sale from time to time.

Edit - just saw worriedinCali’s post so yeah, it’s true. Try Goodwill.
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When it comes to “free” stuff, you get what you get. You can probably find them at a low cost but not free unless on hospice. Try your local goodwill. I went thrifting on Friday and my local goodwill had a whole table full of brand new adult diapers.
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Sorry, but not too many ways to get them free. Call your local Homecare agency. See if people donate them. I worked for a NonProfit Visiting Nurse agency and we would receive them all the time.

The Pink are Depends. You may want to try a store brand. Walgreens has Serenity. I saw not difference. Actually, they fit my Mom better. They have sales by one get second 1/2 price. Sometimes the monthly coupon book had $5.00 off a pack. Places like Coscos, Sams and BJs have good prices. Its a kind of shop around thing.

Just looked it up, if adult is on Medicaid they may pay for diapers.
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I do not think you will be able to specify the color....

you can get them free if the senior is on hospice. Maybe some help from local catholic charities. Cannot think we’re else to look. But, they won’t be pink
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