i understand when my mom rattles off and gets angry about certain things. i am told its the dementia or the meds, and it may be but she is making sense-she is angry because she doenst want strangers in the house, she doesnt like that fact that she needs to be cleaned up after she goes to the bathroom,she is very touch sensitive and anxious,and so she hate being watched and hounded and told what to do-she gets embarrassed when she is touched-cleaned or changed- she hates the whispers and hears
people taking about her as if she isnt there- it hurts her- it makes
her very nervous, she knows things in her room and drawers are being removed or moved-
she becomes very fearful that everything will be stolen-
am i crazy to think that maybe something can be done to help
ease some of this?
or am i unable to be objective cause i love her and will help her- and i think i understand her- we do have a bond-
this is so frustrating-either im angry or crying- do u have to be numb inorder to deal with this?

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Not really knowing your Mom's medical situation--I ill have to guess it may be a form of dementia--and if so call their 24/7 helpline (800)272-3900) These people may also have some ideas for you as well as those in this forum.
Hang in!
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