The last months of his life, I took total care of him, cleaning up urine, because he couldn't get to the bathroom, washing his clothes, bathing him, all at my home... never once did his family ask if he needed anything or offer a helping hand. He wanted me to have one of the vehicles, my payment from him for taking care of him when he passed away. His family didn't even know how he wanted to be buried, and they took everything, even the truck that was in my possession. Now they have it for sale. His step brother even was given a vehicle. Do I have a legal right to sue the family for the truck for taking care of him, and as he wished? They (his family) never had anything to do with him until it came down to what they wanted from him.... there was no will.

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No you don’t have any legal rights. The truck should have been signed over to you while he was still living. You can sue anybody for anything these days but in this case, you aren’t likely to win. His family didn’t agree to compensate you right? They didn’t force you to take care of him right? I am not defending anything they did, so please don’t get the wrong idea. I just don’t think they legally owe you anything. You did something very selfless & they should be very grateful to you. But honestly the chances of you suing them and being successful is slim to none since there was no will and you aren’t a blood relative.
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My first thought when I read your post was were you hoping and expecting something for helping your friend? Or were you helping cause it was the right thing to do and now since his family are being jackasses you feel entitled to his vehicle. He may have wanted you to have it but if it were me I'd stay out of this and just feel good that he appreciated you and you were able to be there for him when he needed someone. Let them wallow in their greediness and don't allow yourself to get sullied by it.
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You have a right to sue anybody for anything. Whether you are likely to win is another question.

I am so very sorry you have been treated this way. The reasonable thing would have been for your friend to change the truck title to your name while you were caring for him, and to see to it you had other possessions he wanted you to have.

Others may have experience to guess about the likelihood of you winning. I just offer my condolences.
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