My mother was diagnosed 8 years ago with vascular dementia. She had a medical crisis last summer and the flu last month, and things are deteriorating. When I took her to the ER for what turned out to be flu (I thought it was stroke, she was literally not speaking sentences and holding her head like it pained her), she told the nurses I was her mother and begged me to 'help' her, (she didn't want them taking blood and it got ugly). It threw me, but I shrugged it off as part of the general stress and delirium of that whole incident. But last weekend when I went to fill her pill strips, she started getting pouty and child like with me (after greeting me in a full on rage of false accusations), and started whining how unfair I'd been to take them to Florida in the winters and never let her play in the snow, and buy winter clothes for her and never let her wear them. I tried to laugh it off, but it really bugs me. Has anyone ever heard of this before?

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Your poor mother's brain is broken. She will say (and believe) lots of irrational things. It is part of the dementia. It sounds like this behavior is new to you. I'm sure you will learn to take it in stride, as you no doubt have other aspects of the disease.
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My mom thinks I’m her mom too ,,I kinda am , she calls me the best mommy ever and I tell her she’s the best mommy ever ,,then she asks where her mom is lol 😂 and then asks where my mom is 😂....oh welll , .
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My mom doesn't talk much anymore but she does call me mama. I am not sure if she thinks I am her mom or if that is the only "name" she can retrieve. I just go with the flow.
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