I take care of a man who is 92. I live here 120 hours a week. What is wages and taxes?

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I am relieved on Sat. morning and back Mon. morning. I still pay rent on another residence. I do everything errands, appts, housekeeping, laundry. What is wages? What about taxes?

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Cjreese, sorry, I don't quite understand what you are asking us.

You work as a caregiver and you live in the same house as the client, correct? Then on the weekend you go back to your own home?  You asked about wages. Are you not being paid? Or asking if you get an end-of-the-year tax form saying what were your total salary?

You asked about taxes. I assume it is payroll taxes. What does your employment contact say? Is the client responsible for the payroll taxes, or are you responsible?

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Or are you paid "under the table"? Your job requires that you sleep there so you are considered an employee by the IRS. Employer should be paying you minimum wage, withholding taxes, Medicare, disability, and providing some benefits. Maybe even overtime wages. Through an agency the value of what you are providing would cost about $10,000.00 a month in my area.
Not sure if this set up is legal.
My client is getting very aggressive and angry all the time what can I do and is this normal
It's legal. A client can have a live in, but where they sleep and eat is their wages. I think but am not sure if you can be a daytime paid Provider and a live in too, but I think you can. But if you can't and your just a night time provider (someone who getting paid by family member or something) you should be getting paid as a live in. That's a lot of hours you work. 120 a week. Wow. God bless you so would continue to check into this if I were you.

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