My sister was my 90 year old moms caregiver In aprox 3 months after my moms health declined and she stated openly she didn't want to care for my mom began leaving her alone would not want to call ambulance when my mom had seizures left her filthy with feces all over her. Set up on line banking without my mom's consent, got a debit card went through 30 thousand dollars in three months. Took cash advances out on her credit cards and was leaving her alone for days with no food etc. I reported to police and adult services had to get a restraining order to get her out of my mom's house. Turned a recording over to police in which she is discussing setting my mom's house on fire. She cut brake lines on my mom's navigator packed up and took all of my moms furnishings of value. I gave up a job and home to move in with my mom cause she needs 24/7 care at 90. My mom missed a court date for restraining order against my sister today adult services comes and says the court with there recommendations wants a financial institute ect to manage my mom and someone for her care because of ongoing elder and finacial abuse and that me, being her caregiver failed to report or cooperate. I am the one who reported this along with giving them bank statements and copies of checks my sister forged my moms name on more than enough proof to put her away for along time. They dropped restraining order and are looking at me like I did it not even. The police have filed charges against my sister who showed up at my mom's house the day we missed court and the order was dropped against her I had to call the police because she was taking things and said she would do whatever the f..k she wanted to do at my moms house. I am livid and don't know what to do. My sister is seriously psycho and her boyfriend is clinically diagnosed mentally unstable with a past of arson and the police are doing nothing about recording where they talk about burning the house not caring who is inside. My teenage daughter lives here too I have grandchildren that come to visit. Can someone please help me?

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Having your mom get a publicly appointed guardian is probably the only way to keep her safe from your sister.

Why did you and mom miss the court date? Did you notify the court that you were unable to be there?

File for another restraining order; call 911 if your sister or her boyfriend show up.
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