She was in rehabilitation for over a month, but still will not do for herself, she is pretty crippled up. I need to work a full time job. I can't stay home all day with her. Is there a program where you can be paid while taking care of her? Any and all answers would be appreciated.

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If you are wanting the state to pay you—state programs are income based, you must be pretty low income in order to qualify. And the pay is usually minimum wage with no benefits. Your mom has to apply and be medically and financially eligible. Your county department of social services or health & human sources will have all the info.
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Check with your state's Agency on Aging. My friend's mother fell last year and finally required 24/7. He did a course on something (CNA? I don't know) and was qualified to be her FT caregiver and gets paid by the state to care for her FT. He likes it as he really wanted to "retire" and he is, essentially. His mom requires a lot of care, but she is THE sweetest woman in the world, so there are like zero issues. He is a big strong guy and can simply pick her up and put her in the van.

I know his wife said it was a real gift. Mom couldn't afford any kind of decent NH and they love her and want her with them. AND her hubby gets paid to do what he wanted to do anyway.

The money isn't FABULOUS--but there are so many other things that go into outside working FT, they felt the difference was worth it.
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