I will get full retirement January 19. Will I lose any medical benefits for the month of January and will I still get the survivor check in January and then a full retirement check in February?

Also the SS retirement money may affect your eligibility for Medicaid if it’s over Medicaid’s limit, if I understand correctly. All this is such a quagmire! Hope it all works out with the best results for you.
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JoAnn29 Dec 30, 2018
She is retiring so she had an income prior.
This post is confusing.

Is John, you mention in your profile, your husband and if so, is he still living?

Are you over 65? If so, then you filed for Medicare at 65. That doesn't change if spouse dies. There is no survivor benefit concerning Medicare. That only comes into play with pensions.

Were you receiving Medicaid as a family, if so you will need to tell them you are now single. Again, I don't think there are survivor benefits. Just a change in Status.

When you applied, you should have been told how much you would receive and when the first check would come. Your payment will depend on how much income you made over the years. If married and the spouse is collecting, you will get at least half of his. So, if he gets 2k and u get 800 SS will bring you up to husbands half, 1000. If you already will make the 1k or more, there will be no adjustment. If spouse has past on, there is a formula but basically you will get his SS if higher than yours. Yours will drop off.

Did you file on line? If so I suggest you go to your local SS office and ask these questions. If you haven't already, you should have received a statement showing what you will receive.
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