I used to take care of this woman whom is now 80 years old, well her daughter got out of jail a year ago and moved here to care for her mom. I thought it was going to be a blessing, but its been absolutely horrible, the daughter is a terrible caregiver and me not being family I don't know what to do. I was a cna for years, took care of my own mom till she passed, so I've been around the block, but the things this daughter is doing and not doing is killing her mom and I don't know what I can do. I tried talking to the daughter once about how her keeping her mom's house temp so low is isolating her mom to her room and bed because her mom is always cold now, told her she needs to adjust to what temp her mom's comfortabke with and not the other way around, well that started a war and I almost got banned from going over to visit her mom.

She yells anytime her mom calls for help, leaves her in bed 24/7 leaves her alone for hours, it's all bad. In the year she's taken over my friend had gone from mostly self sufficient, driving, bed bound and just a feather weight. Her mom tells me how horrible it is, told the nurse at the ER the other day how bad her daughter is, but nothing gets done. I've tried offering to help but daughter won't let me, offered advice but she gets mad when I do. Her mom wants to die now says she wants a nursing home but daughter doesn't want that because in all honesty daughter sees her mom's money as soon to be hers and nursing homes are expensive. I know it's not really my business not my family, but I took care of her for 4 years, pretty much I went from taking care of my mom till she passed to taking care of this lady, so I care about her and I'm sick not knowing what I can do. Any suggestions??

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Great advice here, rambling man, and so I won't repeat it. Thank you for your caring for this trapped elder. She's very lucky she has you in her corner. I only encourage you to take action quickly. {hug}
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Unless she has been found incompetent, she can see her doctor and have him write orders for SNF, the daughter isn't automatically the POA it needs to be assigned and can go to you. Then you would have the authority to kick the daughter out and move your friend.

Law enforcement can be called anonymously for a wellness check and encourage your friend to tell them she is being abused and is frightened, they will help her, especially when her daughter has a record.
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Nevada Adult Protective Services (APS) and Elder Abuse Hotline
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Adult Protective Services assist vulnerable and elder adults to stop and prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Anyone can make a report about suspected abuse to the Hotline.
Las Vegas/Clark County  (702) 486-6930
Statewide/All other areas  (888) 729-0571
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Isthisrealyreal Feb 28, 2019
Super helpful 97yom. Nevada is serious about elder abuse. They actually enforce the law.

Call APS and documentation for all the episodes you are aware of and the hospital not doing anything, they are mandatory reporters and should be disciplined for ignoring this womans plea for intervention.
Adult Protective Services, yes, in the Department of Human Services.

A call to the parole office would also probably be helpful.
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I believe it Adult Protective Services, if I am wrong someone will correct me.
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Call APS.
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ramblingman Feb 27, 2019
What is aps?

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