Is there an attorney in the state of Georgia that can possibly help fill out the provider form as the government does not make anything easy.

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This will not be easy. I would think you will need to be certified in CPR foe one thing. You may need an RN at least on call. Then your facility will need to be checked out. May need licences.
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It's not an attorney that you want. You need a consultant that is well versed in the regulations. The be prepared to follow every rule, every day. The forms are the easy part. Compliance is the tough part, and the reason why most people fail
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andipal, I am moving your question back toward the front pages of the forum. Hopefully a caregiver who is familar with having an in-home care business can answer your question.

As for someone recommending an Attorney in Georgia, that won't be easy as most of us here live in other States and other countries. Usually an "Elder Law Attorney" can work their way around the maze called Medicaid.
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