I caught cargivers neglecting a senior and lost 5 lbs what are my rights to have cameras in common area's, like kitchen and back door (they hang out in garage) and living area and garage?

Most states have pretty clear rules on video monitoring of your property. I've read up on them and I think the rules are pretty much common sense. The people being recorded must be notified, which is something that good signage and clearly visible cameras takes care of. Employees can have it in their employee packet. Residents in their paperwork. Visitors would be covered by the signs. You know, the ones you see at store entries etc. The laws against recording are generally referring to secretly recording rather than openly posted recording.
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In almost all areas video is permitted but not audio.
Check with the laws in your state.
You also can not place cameras in bathrooms or other areas where a person would expect privacy. (dressing room, a room that might be used for an exam)
I would contact a lawyer. In this case one well versed in employment and employee rights.
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Depends on your state. Is it legal and do you have signed documentation from all staff and residents permitting you to record them while on your property?
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If you have them in Common areas I see no problem. Where I worked had one at the outside smoking and lunch area. We knew it.

Is the management company aware of the cameras? If not, that maybe a problem. I would check with a lawyer. As long as its common areas, you may just have to post a sign saying there are cameras. Actually, I think its a good idea, keeps the management co. on their toes.
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I am confused Sounds like you have cameras in the residents in their private rooms but not the common area? I would think if you can do that the under law (which is questionable at best) you can put them in the common areas.
But...How were you able to put cameras in the rooms? Family permission?
If you’ve caught someone abusing a senior on film I would fire that person. Unless you are saying you did film them but they didn’t know they were being filmed.

I would discuss this with your attorney. State laws vary.
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You need to talk to an attorney,pronto.
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