What kind of assistance is available to care for my husband when I have to leave for short intervals of 4 hours?

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My mom was recently diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. She has refused any further treatment and at 98 I kind of agree. My dad has kidney cancer and is also 98. We set up with Hospice about a month ago do the nurse comes in and checks on her once a week. We had aids coming in too but my mother won't allow them in the house. She will not let my dad leave the house either. He has always been very active so this is creating much tension. We told my parents the aids were there to help and keep them safe while showering. Also they were happy to make beds,do laundry,and light housekeeping. It all fell on deaf ears. My mom fell a couple of days ago and hurt her wrist. She is running my dad ragged. What then happens is he is calling me at work to make calls he doesn't want to make. It is happening with much frequency as of late. I am not sure what to do at this point. They still are sharp mentally and can make decisions. I have discussed bringing in aids again and I feel like I am talking to the wall. They need help . What van a family do in a situation like this one ?
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There are many things that you could do here. You could hire someone from a local home care agency or check out an adult day care center. Do some research to decide which one best fits your needs. Here are some articles:

Adult Day Care

Home Care

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