I cook for him make sure he takes his meds. Make sure he showers and take him to Dr. appointments. I really need help with this thank you Kathleen

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Ginger, the vast majority of family/friend caregivers do not get paid... unless the person you are taking care of can pay you from their own pocket. If yes, then you would need to draw up an employment agreement.

Otherwise, like Sue had mentioned above, check with your State. Call your State Medicaid office to first see if the person you are helping can be accepted by Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. If yes, then some State could pay you an hourly rate, but note the pay would be minimal. None will pay for around the clock care because Medicaid is taxpayer funded, and it is less costly for Medicaid to have a person in a nursing home for skilled care.
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In California;
IHSS (In Home Support Services) 1-866-351-7722

You'll need to take one class (free) and get fingerprinted ($36. cost to you). You will need to have the elderly man sign your timesheet and you'll send it in to get paid. In most California counties, it's minimum wage.
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