I need to apply for an electric lift recliner. Any suggestions?


I am a post Bilateral epicondylitis recipient with post fall resulting injuries. My Right & Left elbow injuries cause great difficulty when operating a manual chair. My knees hurt often resulting from my fall injuries and I have scoliosis!



Add to my original post: after reading your answers, I think we were truly misled about Medicare/Medigap payment for his and my mom’s chairs. In my husband’s case, we did have a prescription for the chair. I was told outright by the medical supply company that Medicare would not pay. Obviously we weren’t told the truth. That was an expensive mistake. 😡
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The one I got for my Husband was covered. (insurance wise)
When shopping for one look for one that is not fabric covered. The vinyl ones are so much easier to clean and you can get a cover that is removable so you can wash it. I am amazed by how many people get the fabric ones when the person sitting in them is incontinent or even with slight leakage or motor problems that make getting up quickly is difficult.
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I got two paid for via Medicare. Both were paid for in full. One for my mother 2014 and one for my aunt in 2015. You have to have a prescription from her physician with the appropriate diagnostic code. The chair had to be purchased thru an authorized Medicare vendor. I had to pay for them upfront. You then have to request a reimbursement form specifically for a lift chair. I completed the form and submitted with paid receipt and the doctor’s script. I lived in Ohio at the time and it was tax exempt. Medicare policies change constantly. Check with them first.

My mom got a second one for her bedroom through her United Healthcare supplemental policy. It also paid in full. However, it was a policy that was top tier thru my dad’s retirement. She always had everything paid without question.
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My husband is on Medicare with Medigap and my mother was on both Medicare and Medicaid. I got lift chairs for both of them. Neither insurance paid for either. The Medical company said the doctor had to file. The doctor said the Medical company had to file. I finally gave up. If they kick in at all, it probably won’t be much.

It may help to have your doctor write out a prescription for the chair, that it’s a medical necessity. Whoever you get it from, have the company file papers with your insurance.

As an alternative, search the Facebook marketplace for used chairs. I saw one there recently that had been purchased for someone who passed away before they could use it.
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