I need someone to come bathe my elderly mother. It takes about an hour once or twice a week. Any suggestions?


I am her daughter and have been care taking her 24/7. I live with her. Due to years of having to lift pull and strain with her has taken a toll. My back can't handle the bathing. Basically bather would walk in to ready shower and supplies. Wash, dry and dress her that is all I need. Then they can leave. Not looking for anything else.



Someone just mentioned Hospice in a thread. Criteria changed a few years back. You no longer have to be dying in six months. Some people are on Hospice for a few years. The discussion was about "I got respite care". She talks about that homecare suggested it when they could no longer see Mom because of Medicare rules. Medicare pays for Hospice. You get an aide, diapers and meds. A nurse comes out too.
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Also check with your mom's doctor and see if the office can refer you to an agency that offers bath aides. This is how I found my dad's bath aide.
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Sallie, you would need to call your local caregiving Agencies to see if the Agency has a bath person.... or you can check with your county/city agency on aging to see if they have a list of such persons who do that type of work.
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