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Information for Older Adults

The North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging provides the following services at the regional level to persons age 60 and over.

Direct Services - Benefits counseling, care coordination, long-term care ombudsman and nursing home relocation

Contract Services - Home-delivered and congregate meals and transportation

"Taking Control of Your Health" Classes

Resources and Additional Information
Contact Information 
Doni Green, Director of Aging
Phone: 1-800-272-3921 | Fax: 817-695-9274
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Best wishes in finding the help you need.
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janie, have you contacted social services for your county to see if they can come in and give you an assessment to see if you qualify for services? Find them online at the Dept of Health and Human Services. Also contact your area's Agency on Aging, and any local senior centers for resources.
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Janie, this isn't a site in which you can hire people, but more of a Forum for caregivers and people needing care and having problems. There are some ads on the right side of the page you can access by clicking on them. More importantly there will be some care agencies where you live to offer their services. Look them up by googling Elder Care Agencies and typing in your home town. Good luck.
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